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Date: 3/30/16

The Kennett Police Department has been contacted by CLGW and advised that there has been a telephone “scam” going on the past several weeks.  There is an unknown individual calling people and businesses saying their bill is past due and demanding immediate payment.  The CLGW customers are being told in one instance to go to Harp’s grocery and get a prepaid card for $500.00 and then call an 800 number and give them the number to the prepaid card to pull the money off of it.  In another instance that happened yesterday, the caller claiming to be from CLGW again told the customer that their bill was late and demanded immediate payment again and gave them an account number with a bank name to wire the money to.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from CLGW and instructing you to make a payment through prepaid cards or wiring monies to them, DO NOT.  CLGW very seldom makes actual phone calls regarding past due bills.  If they do, they will instruct you to come to the office and make a payment or to mail the payment to the CLGW office.

The Kennett Police Department request that if you receive a call of this nature and suspect it is a “scam”, attempt to get all the information you can, i.e.



Thank you,


Det. Lt. John Higgins

Kennett Police Department, C.I.D.

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